Your actions in case of damage and destruction of the rented apartment

call the State Emergency Service (tel. “101”) to eliminate the consequences and draw up a report on fire/damage/destruction of property, indicating the cause of such damage;
it is also necessary to immediately inform the owner of the property about the occurrence of such circumstances, in order for him to participate in drawing up the necessary acts and fixing the damage caused;
take actions to preserve the remains of the lessor’s property;
it will not be superfluous to apply to the settlement/village/city council or to the military, military-civilian administration, regarding the drawing up of a housing survey report;
summon the police to draw up a protocol and record destruction/damage to property in order to enter information into the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations;
independently, before the appearance of the property owner, with the involvement of witnesses and neighbors, take photo and video recordings of the damage / destruction and hand them over to the property owner;
collect, if available, any checks that confirm the value of the property purchased and owned by you, which was located in the damaged rented property, for the further possibility of applying to the court for the recovery of damages at the expense of the Russian Federation;
be sure to keep the apartment lease agreement and settlement documents for the lease;
if necessary, contact the settlement/village/city council or the military, military-civilian administration regarding temporary accommodation and accommodation, obtaining possible material assistance, things, food;
in the future, the specified actions and documents will help the owner of the property to apply for compensation and compensation for the damage caused.


The publication was prepared within the framework of the Project “Increasing awareness among self-governing municipalities and citizens on recording the destruction caused by war”, which is implemented by the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils with the support of the “Phoenix” Project, which is implemented by the Eastern Europe Fund at the expense of the European Union.