Analysis of the Methodology for Determining Damage and Losses, a mandatory aspect in conducting a forensic examination

On our website, you can familiarize yourself with the analysis of the methodology for determining damages caused to enterprises, institutions, and organizations of all ownership forms due to the destruction and damage of their property in connection with the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, as well as the lost benefits from the impossibility or hindrance of conducting economic activities, in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 22, 2022, No. 326.

The methodology for determining damages is crucial for forensic expertise and determining the extent of losses. Learn about key points, the purposes of using assessment results, and the stages of conducting damage assessments.

This material was prepared by Igor Starodubov, an expert, appraiser, President “The Union of experts of Ukraine” Director of the “Center for Forensic Expertise and Expert Research” of the State Judicial Administration.

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The publication was prepared within the framework of the Project “Increasing awareness among self-governing municipalities and citizens on recording the destruction caused by war”, which is implemented by the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils with the support of the “Phoenix” Project, which is implemented by the Eastern Europe Fund at the expense of the European Union.