Compensation for restoration of damaged real estate objects: analysis of CMU Resolution No. 381

In accordance with Law 2923-IX, Resolution No. 381 dated 21.04.2023 approved the Procedure for providing compensation for the restoration of certain categories of real estate objects damaged as a result of hostilities, acts of terrorism, sabotage caused by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, using the electronic public service “eRestoration ” (further – the Order is Restoration).

This document provides for the provision of compensation for the restoration/repair of certain categories of damaged objects. In order for this to be done as soon as possible, the service isRecovery is maximally digitized and simplified for citizens. You can submit an application for assistance in Diya in a few clicks, and within a month, a special commission at the community must make a decision on providing such assistance.

Who can apply?

Citizens of Ukraine whose housing was damaged as a result of the fighting and is subject to restoration have the right to receive compensation. The priority order by which the funds will be distributed has been determined:

  • participants in battles;
  • people who became disabled as a result of the war;
  • war veterans;
  • family members of fallen soldiers;
  • mobilized;
  • large families;
  • people with disabilities of the first and second groups;
  • parents-educators of family-type orphanages;
  • guardians and custodians;
  • foster parents and foster carers;
  • orphans and children deprived of parental care.

Persons who do not belong to these categories apply for funds on a “waiting-to-order” basis.

People who are under sanctions or have a criminal record for crimes against national security and their heirs cannot claim the payment.

How to get compensation?

  1. Submit an information notice about damaged property. This can be done on the portal or in the Diya application, as well as later through TsNAP, notaries or the Social Security Administration.
  2. Opening a specialized account is Recovery in one of the banks participating in the program. You can open a card in the banking application and at a bank branch. Currently, the following banks are connected to YeVovdnivly: Monobank, PrivatBank, Sens Bank, A-Bank, PUMB.
  3. After that, you need to go to the section “Submit an application for payment”.
  4. Further, you should expect a call from the local authorities to inspect the property by the commission and determine the amount of assistance.
  5. Calculation of the amount of assistance will be carried out on the basis of a check list approved by the Government.
  6. The term for considering the application and making a decision on compensation should not exceed 30 calendar days from the date of its submission.
  7. After that, the citizen who submitted an application for compensation will receive confirmation and funds for a specialized card isRecovery.
  8. The amount of compensation for one damaged object cannot exceed UAH 200,000.

How can you use help?

It will be possible to spend funds only on construction materials or services of contractors who have the appropriate codes for work, and their sellers have applied for participation in the program through the Diya portal.

It will be possible to use the compensation within 1 year from the moment of its accrual.

More information about “isRecovery” at the link:

The full text of the document can be found at the following link: show/381-2023-%D0%BF#Text

The publication was prepared within the framework of the project “Raising awareness among self-governing local governments and citizens on recording the destruction caused by war”, which is implemented by the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils with the support of the “Phoenix” project, which is implemented by the East Europe Foundation at the expense of the European Union.