Now co-owners can submit applications for compensation for destroyed housing

From now on, the service of compensation for the destroyed housing under the program “yeVidnovlennya” is available to those who had housing in joint ownership. To do this, the owners need to submit one joint application or several separately in “Diya”.

This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

After that, the commission of the local self-government body will process the notification and determine the amount of compensation for each co-owner according to his share in the property.

Each of the co-owners will receive a separate housing certificate in “Dia”. It can be used to independently purchase a new apartment or house. Or combine housing certificates with other people to purchase a new joint housing.

To use the residential certificate, you need to terminate the ownership of the destroyed real estate object with the consent of all co-owners. But it is necessary to do this only after each of the co-owners receives their certificate.

Already, 6.4 thousand Ukrainians have submitted applications for destroyed property, to receive compensation under the “eRecovery” program and to purchase a new apartment or house. Of these, 827 people already have generated certificates that confirm the compensation amount.

Previously, the service was available only to sole proprietors.