The first 500 certificates were generated within the framework of “eVіdnovlennya”

Within the “eVіdnovlennya” framework, the first 500 housing certificates have been issued, allowing owners of destroyed housing to exchange them for new property.

  • This was reported by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development, and Urban Planning, and the leader of the “Sluha Narody” party, Olena Shuliak.

This includes real estate both in the primary and secondary markets.

As of November 10, Ukrainians submitted 5,727 applications for compensation for destroyed housing, with 1,289 applications already processed. The results formed 519 housing certificates totaling UAH 1.1 billion.

The average value of one certificate is UAH 2.121 million. Participants in the program can only spend this money on purchasing housing, and it can be an apartment in any city in Ukraine.

In other words, if the destroyed apartment was, for example, in Kyiv, and the certificate holder wants to move to Lviv, the “eVіdnovlennya” compensation program allows for this.

However, this rule does not apply if a private house was destroyed. In this case, the owner of the housing certificate can choose between building a new private house on the same plot where the destroyed one was located or receiving an apartment in any city in Ukraine of their choice.

Currently, the compensation program stage is being developed for citizens whose housing was destroyed in the occupied territories. They will also be able to choose new housing in any settlement in Ukraine.